Posted on April 1, 2015 at 2:21 am

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Darshan Kumaar supports Anushka Sharma!

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His baddie act in NH10 has been garnering him much acclaim, but looks like the real Darshan Kumaar is a far cry from his reel image. A source reveals that the actor was hardly amused to receive forwards that made fun of his co-star Anushka Sharma and he made it very clear that he found the jokes to be in a bad taste.


In fact, when he was questioned about Anushka being blamed for the Indian cricket team’s performance against Australia, the actor refused to reply stating that it’s unfair to drag her name into this at all and requested media personnel to stop messaging him for his reactions. Taking up for Anushka he however tweeted in her support,

Yep, and we totally agree with Darshan on this point being made. Why target Anushka when she has nothing to do with cricket beside dating a player on the team. If she is at the game we end up winning a game and if she isn’t we still win and vice versa. So why the blame folks? Why? I think our society has jumped to conclusions on this topic and we say it out of ‘anger’. But do we realize that it might be hurting or upsetting the person we target? Do we realize that she/he has nothing to do with the sport besides attending and supporting a player on the team? We create a lot of judgement on an individual before thinking which ends up hurting many people. So before you say – just think next time, how would you feel if you were in Anushka Sharma’s shoes? Would you be upset or would you just brush it off?

Darshan Kumar isn’t the only actor who has been supporting Anushka Sharma in this target social media rampage. Many have joined to support her – so why not just let it go and support the fact that she is a good person who is just like everyone else by cheering on her nations team.

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