Posted on February 5, 2015 at 2:57 am

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When Dance Met Fitness in India!

Last year at IIFA we told you that Zumba creator and Shiamak were going to meet in Mumbai sometime in the next few months! Well we told you this last April – and guess again because they both met this week! India welcomed the Creator of Zumba®, Beto Perez for his first ever master class and the biggest Zumba party in Mumbai. The event brought the Guru of Dance, Shiamak Davar and the King of Zumba, Beto together, once again, in a special meet and greet.

In April 2013, Shiamak invited Beto for the IIFA Awards at Tampa Bay, USA. The two instantly connected on many levels. Both of them are on a mission to spread the joy of dance, they share a common philosophy and they both love their mothers. Later that week Beto invited Shiamak and his team to the Zumba headquarters in Miami. 50 SHIAMAK instructors also teach Zumba fitness classes at various locations across India. So SHIAMAK, the world’s largest dance academy now also offers Zumba – the worlds leading dance fitness program.


At the Zumba party on February 1, in Mumbai, as over a thousand participants welcomed Beto on stage, he told them he had a very special surprise and introduced SHIAMAK instructors led by Prashant Mohan who kicked off the party with the first Zumba performance. The fabulous Beto, who believes in always being a student, joined in and danced along. Beto was so impressed with the performance that he touched Prashant’s feet and marked respect in true Indian style as the crowd cheered and broke into a loud applause! Beto invited Shiamak on stage and both shared great camaraderie and their common philosophy of spreading the joy through dance, fitness and music across the world.

“Beto is truly gifted. As creative people, our philosophies are very similar. Both of us have fought hard times and reached to where we are today to spread the joy of dance and share our knowledge with the world. The response has been great to Zumba classes at my academy as the instructors already have a strong dance background and great fitness levels. I am happy to help spread Beto’s powerful creation, and take Zumba to the small cities and the interiors as well, so people can make a career in dance and fitness,” said Shiamak.

The event was also graced by Miss India – Universe 2014 Noyonita Lodh, actress Pallavi Sharda and dance reality show judge Master Marzi.