Posted on February 5, 2015 at 2:15 am

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Sharib Hashmi Conned Into Kissing and Telling!

Sharib Hashmi, who was last seen in the critically acclaimed film Filmistaan, was conned by his director Amit Khanna on the sets of his upcoming film Badmashiyaan. The actor was asked to kiss his co-star Suzanna Mukherjee as a part of prank.


Upon hearing the ‘much-required development’ in the scene, Sharib Hashmi immediately asked for mouth-freshners and even made sure he was all clean shaven for the scene. He was so nervous that he called his wife to tell her about kissing scene but later got to know it was a prank on him. When asked Sharib how he was conned on the set, he says,

“I have got conned several times in life. The last one was during the making of Badmashiyaan when while shooting one scene, they told me to kiss Suzanna and she refused to kiss me and started crying. Earlier I thought the prank was on Suzanna. But when I saw her tears, I started sweating, later they told me it was a prank on me.”

Sharib joking about the incident, said that since he too shares the famous surname ‘Hashmi’ he has to work hard towards keeping up with B-town’s other Hashmi.

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