Posted on February 5, 2015 at 1:28 am

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Hrithik Roshan gives you a full look of ‘Defeat Defeat'

Hrithik Roshan fans all over the world got a glimpse of the new teaser for HRX yesterday. The much-anticipated teaser is the first campaign of his brand HRX. And now this full 2 minute video portrays Hrithik pushing all limits while working out. Each shot shows the Bollywood hunk looking absolutely gorgeous, flaunting a set of the most perfectly crafted abs, while doing crunches and push-ups in the rain and in the scorching heat, defeating all odds.



And while you are left speechless by the utmost level of perfection, the actor successfully puts across his inspiring message about success which is – forget failure before giving victory a shot.

The actor feels that humans are fierce competitors by nature. Being defeated or failing has never been an option for the different facets of life. It is not an easy job and one has to keep moving forward no matter what. And who wouldn’t believe anything that this Greek God has to say?

He talks about how Defeat isn’t a real thing but an illusion and keeps you where you are and in your own comfort zone. He says you have to get out and how you can ‘Defeat’ the demon in you. Step out of your comfort zone and how uncomfortable is his new friend. Hrithik says never to be afraid and never give up. Check out this inspiring video about his campaign – Defeat Defeat!


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