Posted on February 8, 2015 at 12:00 am

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Valentine's Week Day 2 – Propose Day

For any couple, the most nerve wrecking yet memorable day is not the wedding day itself but the one that leads up to it. Popping the question to your lady love can be a daunting task but who says you can’t make it fun? On Propose Day we bring to you an assortment of Bollywood style proposals, which will make just about anyone say “I do”.

Punit went all out to express his love for Ankita in the middle of a mall, with granny’s blessings of course!

This girl clearly did not know what she was getting into when she asked for “at least a promise ring”. Way to go Karan!

It’s just a bunch of guys dancing around on college campus…is it?

Avinash and Tanvi found their fairytale romance at the movies. It’s true what they say, magic does happen at the movies!

Shaneel really tore up the screen with this one!

This Georgetown hero had his lady confused for a second. I guess it’s all about the element of surprise!

When the guy who “is the last person to get on the dance floor” does this you know it’s true love.

Nikesh really put heart into this extravagant performance!

Nervous Gary made his to be bride super happy with sweet proposal!

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