Posted on February 8, 2015 at 1:15 am

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Ashvin Gidwani Productions brings a Magical Experience for Horse Racing Enthusiasts

The Provogue Ashvin Gidwani Productions Multimillion Racing Experience, which in the previous year had turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and trendy races in the Mumbai racing circuit, is back again. With a whopping price tag of 25 lacs, the day is filled with a host of events like art displays, fashion shows, theatre, culture and sports. To make things more exciting, with the perfect mixture of magnetism and flair, AGP World’s talent, renowned German mentalist Nicolai Friedrich is all set to take matters into an ‘illusional’ stage. He is known to have left his audience in awe and bewilderment, which is exactly what he plans to do when he goes as far as to predict the winner of the race.


Ashvin Gidwani Productions have always set high standards with their acts and Friedrich is a fitting addition to the long list. The mentalist himself admits that there are no superpowers involved in his act and his work is purely psychological. The race will be attended by select audiences of Mumbai, and this is one act others would feel jealous about missing!

Nicolai Friedrich effortlessly breaks the laws of nature making objects hover, change shape, and appear again in some other place. His act doesn’t comprise purely of traditional magic, with him bringing to audiences a mix of more mind reading and illusion creating.

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