Posted on January 5, 2015 at 1:18 pm

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5 Things Men Hate Doing With Their Girlfriends/Wives

‘Men will be men’ is an old adage that all of us have been hearing forever and although it may not ALWAYS be true, it’s not exactly false either. Be it Friday night slumber parties or weekend road trips men will always prefer their boy gang. When it comes to choosing between shopping with their better halves and attending a rock gig, we all know what the outcome will be!

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While men may love their better halves to death, there are definitely some things they don’t like doing with their girlfriends or wives. Here’s the list of some of those things:

1) Taking their girlfriend out shopping: This activity definitely tops the list! Ask any man about it and the reaction on his face will tell you the entire story. Men are impatient by nature. They expect everything at the speed of light. And when you have an activity like shopping with your better half where she’s bound to have multiple outfit changes, even God cannot do anything to help the poor man. Not all men are like this, but most of them are.

2) Watching daily soaps with her: Picture this; there is an India v/s Pakistan match on TV. You leave early from work just so that you can be a part of the big game. You come home only to find your wife glued to the television hooked on to her Saas-Bahu drama that’s already driving her nuts. It is that ultimate moment of sacrifice which every man makes at some point in his life sooner or later. Can it ever get worse than this?

3) Attending a family function: Weekends are meant for relaxing and unwinding and no one values them more than men. Weekends are to men, as shopping is to women. And if you have some family function coming up, it just makes matters worse. Unlike women, men aren’t naturally programmed to act fake. Fake smiles, fake kisses and fake hugs are just not a man thing.

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4) Playing video games with your girlfriend: Girlfriends and video games are a lethal combination. While they just can’t stand video games, it’s a completely different story for the boys. Each time they play a game along with their boyfriends, they always end up killing the same team-mate.

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5) Going on a drive when your girlfriend is driving: A recent study said Men take more risks than women. And that is so true! Every time a guy lets his girlfriend drive the car, he is most definitely risking his life! Women and driving never go hand in hand.

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