Posted on January 5, 2015 at 8:58 am

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Spoiler Alert: Ajaz Khan ejected from Bigg Boss 8 house?

The new spin off of Bigg Boss 8, titled “Halla Bol” was sure to provide some fireworks on screen by pitting the top 5 winners of Season 8, the “Champions“, versus 5 prior Bigg Boss contestants, called “Challengers.”  Ajaz Khan, who was put in the house a few days before the finale of Bigg Boss 8, did his best to reclaim his old glory.  He was a popular contestant on Bigg Boss 7, and many thought he’d provide some good entertainment in the present season.

However, instead of providing entertainment, he brought an epic fight to the house!  Apparently, Ajaz was singing in the house and annoying some of the contestants, especially Ali Quli Mirza.  The two got into a verbal spat that turned physical when Ajaz punched Ali.  Physical violence is a violation of Bigg Boss rules, and has apparently, landed Ajaz out of the house!  We’ll have to wait until the full episode airs to see what happened, but looks like the “Halla Bol” war theme has gone a bit extreme already!  However, Puneet Issar had also turned violent at several points in the season, was actually evicted, and put back in after an apology.  What do you all think will happen?  Will Ajaz remain out, or will he return?

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