Posted on November 13, 2014 at 12:29 pm

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Shilpa Narayan's back with video for "Baby Go Home"

A couple months ago in September, I did a review for the track “Baby Go Home” by NY’s rising starlet, Shilpa Narayan, and now she is set to showcase her video to her fans!  The track introduces us to a different side of her personality.  This time, we get to hear a softer side to her sound.  Despite being a city girl, she truly captures the country-twang in her voice with “Baby Go Home.”  She is definitely a singer to watch and has gotten the attention of big names in western music – like Ryan Seacrest and Carson Daly!  So, you know for sure that I’m not exaggerating when I say she is the one to watch!  Earlier, Shilpa got us grooving to “Renegade” a power anthem, and now, she will get you humming to her ballad, “Baby Go Home.”  Check it out below!

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