Posted on November 18, 2014 at 12:51 pm

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Does Parineeti Chopra dad want her to change?

Many actors have different personalities and what makes them different is how they act in public or how they portray themselves on film or anywhere they go. One actor whose father is remarking some comments stated in a recent interview that she might just need to change the way she acts. Parineeti Chopra father was reporting stating in a recent interview for her to mellow down.

When actress Parineeti Chopra, who would soon be seen on the big screen in her upcoming film ‘Kill Dil’, was asked about the reports of her dad wanting her to mellow down her loud personality the actress seemed to be quite surprised. But being the jovial person that she is, the actress quickly replied saying, “but I can’t change that at all! You know, all my life, my father has said ‘Be lady-like, talk softly’ and I am like, please I can’t and then I leave. He always tells my mother, ‘Isko kuch sikhao.’”

Interestingly, the sporty actress further added, “my father feels that I am a boy—well, you know I am not. It is just that I talk very loudly, which can irritate people sometimes so they feel that why is she talking or laughing so loudly? But I have always been this person. So my father and I will never agree; he has to deal with it now. Ant what giggle? I guffaw!” .

Well, ‘happy girls are the prettiest’, aren’t they? Indeed they are! So what do you think – does she really need to mellow down a bit? We don’t think so – rock the look and the attitude because that’s what makes you different!

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