Posted on August 22, 2014 at 9:15 pm

What's Happenin'

Find out why Mumbhai Connection makers want film makers in Atlanta!

Mumbhai Connection is calling all film makers and enthusiasts to Atlanta, GA to come and make films there! According to Rafique Batcha, lead of the upcoming movie Mumbhai Connection, it is the one-stop destination for all your production needs. He believes that rather than spending huge bucks for different locations, they might as well shoot it at Atlanta as it is an all in one location. Also, it has become a hub for film production and has many foreign based Indians engaging in the field.

Rafiq Batcha









The blooming Indian population in Atlanta, Georgia is also starting content production. Rated as no. 3 in North America for Films and TV production, it provides much more cost cutting than what producers generally spend.

Rafiq, also the producer of the movie states,

“Filmmakers in Bollywood need to keep this in mind, when they come to the US to shoot, that Atlanta is an all in one location with the busiest airport in the WORLD and costs lower than shooting in NYC or LA.”

The booming Indian population there is also now driving content production. There is also a brand new $90Million new film studio (MEDIENT) by Indian CEO Manu Kumaran that is underway. James Bond’s next movie is going to be shot there.

Mumbhai Connection Poster

Mumbhai Connection is directed by South Indian director-writer Atlanta Nagendra. The Indo-American flick is presented by Mowgli Productions.

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