Posted on August 23, 2014 at 1:29 am

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DJ Aqeel to remix ‘What the Fark’

Bollywood seems to be getting pretty mischievous these days with their song titles.  A few years back, you would never have thought that a song called, “What the Fark” could release in Bollywood.  This track is from actor Virr Das’ latest film ‘Amit Sahni Ki List’ and has caught the attention of DJ Aqeel.  DJ Aqeel shot to fame in 2000 with the track ‘Shake it Daddy Mix’ as well as for mixing “Tu Hai Wahi,” a remix of the “Yeh Wada Raha” song from the 1982 movie of the same name.  In addition to being a DJ, he is an entrepreneur who owns Hype Nightclub, which also allows him to keep up with music trends.

Composed by Virr Das along with his comical rock act ‘Alien Chutney’, ‘What the Fark’ has a catchy beat. The track is currently a club favorite across the country with fans going crazy on this number.  Whenever there is a hot song like this making waves in the clubs, you know for sure that DJs are going to try their hands at taking it to a whole new level.  Based on DJ Aqeel’s prior tracks, it would seem that the remix will definitely appeal to masses due to DJ Aqeel’s magic touch.  Sources close to the DJ confirmed that he will be mixing the tune and told us,

“DJ Aqeel is very choosy about the songs he mixes. What the Fark is a catchy number with lots of potential for a re-mix version and that’s the reason why he wants to mix it himself. He has on prior occasions heard Alien Chutney’s elaborate renditions of quirky songs. He loved their composition of What the Fark and wants to now add his own flavor to it.”

The makers of the song are thrilled that DJ Aqeel wants to mix this naughty tune!  The lead, Virr Das, is good friends with DJ Aqeel and has maintained a good relationship with him.  We hear that the production team, and especially Virr Das, is pleased to have his song re-mixed by him. From what we hear, the DJ Aqeel mix will be an EMD version of this quirky number.

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