Posted on January 10, 2014 at 9:30 pm

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Yaariyan bombshell Evelyn Sharma answers some questions!

Here are a few questions that the beautiful, sexy and hot Evelyn Sharma answered for us! She is all geared up for her much-awaited release Yaariyan this weekend and is riding on the success of films such as Nautanki Saala with Ayushmann Khurrana & Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani with Ranbir Kapoor. All the best to Evelyn for this coming release and enjoy the following quick interview!
Tell us the one instance from your past that you can clearly remember and say – Snap! This makes me want to be an actress and that too in Bollywood!

— Watching Aishwariya Rai. She inspires me and movies like that make me want to be a Bollywood actress!
How similar or different is Evelyn behind and in front of the camera?

— The best thing about being an actress is to be able to deal with your own multiple personalities! Every day you can be someone else on screen and come home to your own peaceful self.

Evelyn Sharma dons a bikini in Yaariyan
What is your favourite film that you have been a part of?

— YJHD! The shoot was on for over one year, we had to climb the icy Himalayas, we woke up with the sunrise, we enjoyed the best time in Kashmir, Ayan threw the best parties for us, and I loved Lara, the character I played. I would do it all over again. And then once more!
What are your turn ons and turn offs?

— I love jokes, magic tricks and charming gentlemen! A total turnoff is a awkward hug.
What according to you is marriage?

— A decision to stick to someone for the rest of your life. To care for them and stand up for them. To love them. And to be their best friend.

Evelyn Sharma - Pic 51 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)

If you would be asked to be seduced or swept off your feet – which would you chose and why?

— I’m a hopeless romantic! I want to be swept off my feet, kissed in the rain, danced with under the moonlight!
Yaariyan looks like a bubbly teenage film for the youth of today – tell us a little about Evelyn Sharma in it and her character?

 –Yaariyan is a college movie and all the drama that comes with it. I play the beauty from the rival college, the hero’s dream girl. She is a strong girl with firm believes of love, loyalty and friendship.
What’s one thing that the audience should definitely watch out for in the film?

— ME! And my song Sunny Sunny!
Who is your dream co-actor?

— there are too many talented people to name just one. To me it’s about making a good film. The whole cast has to be a perfect match. And together you deliver a product. I want to make films that are legendary. That people will talk about years from now. Like YJHD.

If you had to pick between a romantic dinner with Ranbir Kapoor or a slumber party with the Yaariyan crew, what would it be and why?

— Well, Ranbir is taken, so romantic dinner is out of question haha! But I would love a friendly dinner with him any day. However since my Yaariyan crew are such huge fans of RK, maybe I should invite him for the slumber party!

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