Posted on January 30, 2014 at 3:33 am

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Seven reasons why Shahid Kapoor shouldn’t shave off his head!

With Shahid Kapoor all set to go bald for Haider, we came up with seven very plausible reasons why the hottie shouldn’t shave off his head.


1. It’s cold out there!

Ok it’s not really freezing cold in Mumbai but things can definitely get a little chilly for a bald guy. A full head of hair always comes in handy during the winter season and we wouldn’t want dear Shahid to catch a cold now, would we?


Shahid gif 1

2. The Justin Bieber hoax

When pictures of a bald Justin Bieber turned up, many of his female fans shaved off their heads. We are afraid the same might happen if Shahid gets rid of his hair. Have a heart Shahid, do you really want cute teenage girls going bald because of you?

Shahid gif 2 


3. Wonderful for slow-mo scenes
Those dramatic, slow motion moments when the hero rushes towards the screen look so much better with long locks. Shahid himself proved this with his long hair in Kaminey.
Shahid gif 3 


4. Great for romantic scenes

You know those sensuous, romantic scenes where the heroine slowly runs her fingers through the hero’s hair? How are Shahid’s leading ladies supposed to look romantic if their fingers keep slipping off Shahid’s smooth, shaved head?


Shahid gif 4 


5. The Samson funda


Ever hear the story of Samson and Delilah where Samson is this strong man whose strength lies in his long hair? Well the poor fellow loses his superhuman strength when his long locks are chopped off. So, what if Shahid loses his crazy dance moves when he goes bald? Nobody wants to risk that!


Shahid Gif 5 

6. Bald and beautiful villains of Bollywood


The only men in Bollywood movies who are allowed to be bald are the villains. Actually, it’s something of a requirement if you want to be a nefarious super-villain like Anupam Kher’s Dr. Dang, Kulbhushan Kharbanda in Shaan and even Sanjay Dutt in Agneepath. So unless Shahid wants to give up herogiri and become a registered baddie, he’d better hold on to that hair.

Shahid Gif 6



7. With great hair, comes great responsibility.

Most men would kill for Shahid’s lustrous locks. With so many people running around in wigs and lining up for hair transplants, we think it’s kind of irresponsible of Shahid to squander his god given gift like this. And wouldn’t it set a bad example? What if it turns into a trend? The next thing you know we’ll have Hrithik and Ranbir going bald on us as well, while Anupam Kher rejoices. This just won’t do Shahid.

Shahid Gif 7 

 We really hope Shahid is listening otherwise we may have to kidnap his hairdresser soon. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


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