Posted on December 13, 2013 at 2:13 am

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Katrina Kaif goes KAMLI!

Kamli-Katrina-Kaif-Video-Song-From-Dhoom-3It’s not surprising to see that Katrina Kaif can move her body and move like she does. Although she does not learn these moves alone as Bollywood choreographers are the ones who coordinate such moves for the movie so that it looks great on camera!

Check out Katrina Kaif as Bollywood Choregrapher Vaibhavi Merchant shows her some sick moves for the upcoming movie Dhoom 3! If she is able to learn these moves in such a short period of time I think we can do this as well! What do you think? Are you able to pull of what Katrina Kaif can pull off in this video? Find out for yourself and tell us what you think! If you can pull these moves off send us a video of you doing these moves!

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