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Exclusive Interview: Pakistani Pop Princess, Annie Khalid

The gorgeous Pakistani Pop Princess, Annie Khalid has been rocking the music world with her unique looks and beautiful voice. The talented singer has done it all from Bollywood item songs, to collaborations with big names to her working on her own album! Check out our interview with the lovely singer!

Annie Khalid Press 1

Q: At what age did you figure out that a career in music was what you wanted?

Annie: I think I was 12 yrs old when I saw Britney perform for the first time, and I knew I wanted to do the same!


Q: Are you a trained artist? Do you know how to play any instruments?

Annie: I’m training from Rustam Fateh Ali Khan and I’m learning the guitar at the momeny


Q: How do you feel about being known as the “Pop Princess of Pakistan?”

Annie: It’s an honour! I’m chuffed!

Q: Your track “Mahiya” from Awarapan is still a fan favorite today! What was it like working on a track for a movie soundtrack? How is it different than working on your own albums?

Annie: It’s actually not so different, it’s the same process. Its just the magnitude of followers bollywood reaches is unmatchable, so I think post recording you realize the impact when the song goes viral


Q: How do you feel about the success of “Boom Boom Danze?”

Annie: I feel very blessed, it has opened the door to a new fan following yay!


Q: What was it like working with Grammy award winning Beenie Man?

Annie: A laugh! He is such a humble person and so much fun to be around! He made me instantly comfortable and we had so many jokes on stage!


Q: Tell us about your latest single, “Tujhe Yaad Kiya!”

Annie: It’s a collaboration I’ve done with mega producer Rishi Rich and It’s a punjabi song, with a commercial pop sound. I’m very proud of this song and I hope the fans love it as much as I do!


Q: From one award winning artist to another, how did you meet Rishi Rich! What was it like working with him?

Annie: Rishi and I met through our management. We were recently signed to the same management so working together was of course inevitable!


Q: What can we expect next for Pakistan’s Pop Princess?

Annie: New music, videos, lots of concerts and maybe some acting!

 Annie Khalid - Tujhe Yaad Kiya

Q: You’ve had the chance to perform at the 2012 Emmy Awards in Norway, tell us more about the experience?

Annie: It was an honor to perform for the Norwegian Emmys , and even more so with a band that I as a teenager loved! A1!! We did a song together called ‘’just 3words’’ which we performed on the day, and it did very well in Norway so it was like a dream come true


Q: Not only are you a talented singer but you’ve built an impressive modeling career as well as the face of Pepsi in Pakistan. Which do you prefer, singing or modeling?

Annie: Singing!

Let’s start a rapid fire round! Answer with the choice you love best!
Chai or coffee?

Bollywood or Hollywood?

Shopping for clothes or eating out at a nice restaurant?

Shopping for clothes!
Paani puri or pasta?

Pani puri
What’s something you can’t live without?

Partying with friends or sitting at home with a book?

Sitting at home with a book!
Curly hair or straight hair?

What cosmetic MUST be on your face before you leave the house at any time?

Kohl pencil

Q: Do you have any message you would like to tell your fans?

Annie: Yes you can interact with me on my facebook page and on twitter Annie_khalid! Love you and look out for tujhe yaad kiya out now!!

Be sure to check out Annie’s latest release ‘Tujhe Yaad Kiya’ feat Rishi Rich is out now on iTunes! Keep it locked on Urban Asian for the latest on Annie Khalid!

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