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Essential Natural Extracts For Hair Growth!

We all need health tips and beauty tips which also includes hair tips. Have you ever had problems keeping your hair shiny or keeping it straight and healthy? We all probably have at some point. Suffering from extreme weather, pollution and various electrical tools, hair is often neglected and maintaining silky and healthy hair is a tedious task. Well not to worry, because one stylist has saved the day with some tips that will help your hair shine and grow healthy!

Celebrity hair-stylist Asgar shares exclusive tips on essential natural extracts in shampoos and conditioners for hair natural growth. The UK based hair maestro, Asgar has worked his magic on A list celebrities including the likes of Eva Longoria, Twiggy, Cindy Crawford, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Asgar has also styled the hair for the X-factor, Britain’s next top model and Dancing on Ice as well as having styled for the covers of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Internationally to name a few.


Considering the amount of chemical substances in all hair care products, using organic shampoos and conditioners seems to be the only way out. There are a few natural extracts you should look for to maintain gorgeous long locks.

1. Lavender is a plant known to help with stress and anxiety but also possess great benefits for your hair as it helps restore the shine and prevents hair breakage by strengthening the hair follicles. It tones, nourishes and moisturizes the scalp and strands.

2. Jojoba is a natural herb that not only helps to add shine, elasticity and softness to your hair but also encourages hair growth, especially when mixed with other natural oils and massaged into the scalp in order to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp.

3. Thyme contains numerous antiseptic and healing properties. When it comes to hair it is mostly used to clear infections like head lice and can help clear dandruff that prevents the hair from growing.

4. Aloe Vera is one of the most popular herbs because of its multi-purpose to health. It contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth. Aloe Vera has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so it stops infection on the head like ringworm infection, psoriasis, eczema and dandruff.

5. Rosemary is a wonderfully-smelling herb that helps stimulate hair follicles thereby promoting hair growth. Rosemary vinegar can be used in order to make hair look gloriously glossy. It also helps clear dandruff.

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