Posted on November 19, 2013 at 3:21 am

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Candy Brar takes her revenge with Vivek Mishra the Gatecrasher!

As if Bigg Boss didn’t have any more problems! The clashing contestants who are sleeping around, having affairs, the fights and men upsetting woman vice versa, the host getting upset through social media. Yes we mean Salman Khan. It doesn’t get better than that! Don’t we love reality TV? Well we thought is this whole season was just a PR stunt or is it really true? Our thoughts are exactly right. It’s all true and not scripted. As more issues arise in the house, we now hear that Candy Brar has taken revenge on Vivek Mishra! Well as these two are not on the show the drama still continues outside the house!

Arjun Bijlani With Cany Brar At Party

Party crashers or Gate crashers are the one who comes to the party as uninvited guests and disturbs the mood of the event or party. Many famous celebs had become gatecrashers at many events and had reached places uninvited. Vivek Mishra has turned another to add his name in the list of gatecrashers.

Candy Brar Ali Merchant And Aliza Khan At Party

Vivek Mishra recently thrown out of the party of Sunburn which was organized by Showman entertainment and Percept ltd. Model-turned-corporate professional Candy Brar who handles Business Marketing of Showman Entertainment thrashes Vivek out of the party who was trying to enter in VIP area of Showman lounge.

Tina Dutta With Cnady Brar At Party

Vivek Mishra had maligned Candy’s reputation during his stay on Bigg Boss7 and commented on her personal life without knowing her personally. Candy Brar said,

“Vivek Mishra is not a kind of person. He doesn’t know how to respect women’s. He spoiled my image and said thing which is not real. He is not capable to stand in front of me, he is really an irresponsible person. He is good for nothing, he just wants to get fame by using people’s name.”

Harry Sofia With Candy Brar At Party

Candy had entered Bigg Boss 7 just for clearing her stand on allegation of Vivek Mishra. Now Candy and Vivek is out of the house finally she get a chance to take revenge with Nude Yoga Guru Vivek Mishra. Candy said,

“He is not a Yoga guru. He is really a fake person I have seen in my life.”

Candy Brar At Party

Vivek Mishra was thrown out by Percept Live Owner Harindra Singh and Candy Brar. Can you say DramaBaaz? Keep it locked on Urban Asian for more updates on all the drama!

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