Posted on November 19, 2013 at 3:47 am

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10 Reasons to go Wheat -free!

“Wheat- free” diet  has almost become a fashion statement. Many believe this allergy is mostly psychological and a marketing trick and no one really is allergic to gluten or bread unless there is an obvious sign like Celiac disease. I just want to say it is true that mind, and marketing, plays a role in this but, it’s not just the gluten that causes issues but it’s whole package of bread which comes with a zillion issues. Here are 10 reasons why you need to throw that wheat product out!


1. Wheat, like every other grain or nut doesn’t contain the necessary digestive enzymes which allows humans to consume them just the way it is. This leads to bloating, gas, colon irritation, and so on.

2. Wheat contains gluten which  doesn’t have much nutritional value and actually forms a thick lining on your colon which leads to constipation, leaky gut and even colon cancer.

3. Wheat based products like biscotti, cakes, bread, cookies are generally sold with a bunch of preservatives, chemicals and artificial flavors; For example: phytic acid found in most bread prevents absorption of essential vitamins and minerals

4. Being a simple carbohydrate, it hikes up your sugar level. This is not a good news for diabetic people, or people trying to loose weight.

5. According to research, people who consume too much wheat are prone to psychological disturbances; lack of sleep, anxiety, insomnia and so on.

6. Most of the breads are processed which means they all are cooked/ baked at high temperatures which produces AGE (Advanced glycation end products) which is known to cause cancer.

7. People who have water retention problem, can solve it  immediately by avoiding wheat. As wheat absorbs all the water like a sponge and lots of water needs to be consumed to avoid water retention

8. Wheat based products are man-made. The natural composition of the plant has been changed and the nutrients are definitely not intact. Products which have added calcium, fiber and other zillion minerals can make you feel better. In reality, they are not. It’s just a marketing scheme.

9. Whole wheat is better than refined wheat. So is vaporizer compared to cigarette. They are just different levels of damage . You can’t justify this as a reason.

10. Better skin, better tummy, better energy and better mind. What more reasons do you need?


Healthy diet = 10% taste, 90% nutrition.

Enjoy your wheat once in a while, once in a while.

-Smriti Kirubanandan




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