Posted on November 8, 2013 at 9:36 pm

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Are you Bikram Singh's Billo Rani?

Bikram Singh  is ready to rock the world of bhangra again with a brand new track, “Billo Rani – Queen of beautiful, intoxicating eyes! We brought you the trailer earlier, now check out the full music video!

The track is a beautiful mix of Punjabi folk meets contemporary dance music, with a strong vocal performance. Lyrics and vocals, though folk, compliment the contemporary melodic synth sounds and the hard hitting bass. It is a high energy, fast paced, guarantee to get your hips moving record, and it begs to be played at full volume.

bikram singh billo rani

Singh is best known for chart-busters like “Kawan”, “Tere Nain Nashiley,” and “Ik Jindree,” amongst several others. His last full album, “Bik.I.Am,” released a couple years back in 2011. The album featured more dance tracks (like “Beyonce”) and was well-appreciated by the masses. Since then, fans have been anxiously waiting for him to release even more music, so what do you guys think? Hot or Not? Let us know!