Posted on November 8, 2013 at 9:28 pm

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Jass Kalkat releases music video for his debut track, Tera Hasna!

Going from sinner to saint is the theme behind the brilliant new ballad by Punjabi singer Jass Kalkat. His debut track ‘Tera Hasna’ was produced by the multi-talented Rishi Rich who adds his special blend of gentle R&B rhythms with more traditional percussion. Check out the full video, out now!

Jass now begins the next chapter of his career with this solo track. It’s been a dream for Jass to one day work with the legendary Rishi Rich and he has learned a lot from him over the past few months.The accompanying video, shot by Flying Solo Productions, portrays Jass as a gangster who meets his would be soul mate and attempts to change his attitude to life before coming to an untimely and tragic end. Satan to Saint! Jass adds:

“I think people will enjoy the video. This whole project has taken many months to complete and I kept it all under cover. Rishi Rich advised me to let the music do the talking and stay grounded until you are ready to unleash it to the public. I followed that advice.”

Jass_Rishi Rich

Jass is already preparing his next project which will be released in Feb 2014. ‘Tera Hasna‘ is released on the Virtual Recordz label and will be available via iTunes on the 7th November 2013.

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