Posted on October 28, 2013 at 4:38 am

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Veena Malik is back with her second single, Rum Rum

Bollywood bombshell, Veena Malik, is back in the limelight with her new music single Rum Rum. Produced by Canadian born artist Ishq Bector, this track has already had airplay around the world and taken over the charts. Rum Rum is a fun peppy track with a catchy hook line to get all the party goers in the mood. It’s a through and through pop song with fun western beats fused with Veena’s voice.

Veena Malik who released her debut song Drama Queen last year which hit the number one charts across USA, Canada and India is enjoying getting in the studio rather than facing the camera! Malik said,

“Singing is my passion its different to acting I can go super casual to the studio and just sing! RUM is my second single it’s fun, flirty and catchy. It’s a song everyone can dance to at parties and get you in the happy zone. Ishq has done a great job on the music and the video is cute and girly…everyone will relate to it.”

Veena Malik who is riding of her recent Bollywood movie success in Supermodel and her international art collaboration with Artevo will be in the UK in the next few weeks and then heading on to Dubai for further press work. She is currently working on international documentary and Punjabi film Eh Dil Da Mamla.

veena malik

Rum Rum is out now on iTunes be sure to get it!

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