Posted on October 19, 2013 at 6:22 pm

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Film Review: Boss

Akshay Kumar has done it again! He has proven that he can pretty much take any mind numbingly dumb film and get fans to come out in support based solely on his personal charm. Before I give Boss a “Boss” sized beating let me back track and sum up the film. Akshay Kumar plays Boss, a young man who has a special talent for delivering the “Dishoom Dishoom” to the “gundas”. Born with these extraordinary violent characteristics, Boss finds himself exiled by his peace loving father played by Mithun Chakraborty (the irony). As a result, he leaves behind his younger brother Shiv played by Shiv Pandit. Of course there is a beautiful girl being forced into marriage (Aditi Rao Hydari) with a corrupt super-cop brother played by Ronit Roy and the rest you can reconstruct pretty simply. The film was directed by Anthony D’souza and produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures. (Sorry had to plug the info from the press kit)

Boss PosterLow Res

Contrary to the tag line in this film the “Boss is [not] always right.” In fact, the Boss was dead wrong. Anthony D’souza is the newest director that should be put on a rocket, shot to the moon, and never allowed to make films again. I have to give Abhinav Kashyap some credit in the Besharam disaster because at least he sort of pioneered the new macho overdrive genre, but Anthony D’souza did nothing but take old Akshay films and repackage them in an even less interesting script. Frankly, I am sick of these super macho man films, where comedy and action are distorted into a mess of cheap humor and terrible wire stunts. The actors, however, all did great jobs in their respective roles. Akshay as always delivers truck loads of his unique Akshay Kumar charisma, but is never able to make up for signing on to this disaster film. Rohit Roy played an excellent villain, and in what little time Shiv had on screen he was charming and lovable. Aditi had almost no opportunity to do anything besides come out of a pool in slow motion, which she did excellently. Mithun also did a good job as the respectable father. The soundtrack of this film was entirely forgettable and did nothing to help salvage this film.

Aditi Rao Hydari in BOSS

Overall, I would have much rather watched 3 hours of Anthony D’souza and the suits at Viacom18 get beat black and blue by Boss for even thinking of taking your hard earned money for this movie. The economy is tough. Expecting people to pay $10 to $14 for completely worthless films like this is insulting. I would only recommend this film to Akshay Kumar fans who will enjoy this film regardless. Otherwise if you are expecting anything beyond Akshay Kumar in this movie I suggest you save your money for something that seems more substantial like Ram-Leela.

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