Posted on September 22, 2013 at 3:57 am

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Mickey Virus New Trailer Launch!

Popular host and entertainer Manish Paul is entering in Bollywood through his movie Mickey Virus. The second trailer of Movie has been launched in Mumbai. Manish is ready to entertain the audience with his Comic Thriller Mickey Virus. The film set against the backdrop of hacking where Manish Paul is playing a character of Mickey Arora, he is smart guy who runs a grocery store in the day time and creates virus for antivirus companies in the night. Mickey Virus also marks the debut of Elli Avram who is half Greek and half Swedish. Looks like someone is creating more viruses then ever!

Elli Avaram In Mickey Virus

Manish Paul As Mickey Virus

Mickey Virus

The movie revolves around Delhi police and virus when Delhi Police have trouble with a hacking case, and they approach Mickey (Manish Paul) to help catch the cyber culprits! The trailer reveals a few clips of Micky speeding away, performing some super stunts as he tries to get away from his pursuers. Also featuring Manish Choudhary, Varun Badola, Puja Gupta, Nitish Pandey, Raghav Kakkar and Vikesh Kumar, Mickey Virus is slated to release on October 25th. Take a look and tell us what you think about this major VIRUS everyone is buzzing about!

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