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Interview: Sahyba on the rise Internationally!

We first told you about Sahyba earlier this year and how she teamed up with Ray J in LA. She is now making waves over to the U.K working with popular producer Rishi Rich who has worked with many artist in the past. Sahyba who is in LA is recording on her album and working with producers along side her brother Prince Saheb. Urban Asian had the oppurtunity to sit down with her and talk about her journey and find out what she’s working on in the US and Internationally! Find out here in our interview with Sahyba!

Urban Asian: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us! How has your journey been so far traveling and performing in front of your family and fans?

Sahyba: Thank you for having me!! Well, I gotta say the journey has just begun and so far it has been treating me very well. Performing infront of an audience builds my confidence and makes me realize how passionate I am about my job as an artist and I never wanna get off the stage!! And ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved traveling so traveling and performing is just a Dream come true 🙂

Urban Asian You have been working with Ray J and you were discovered by him, how did you two link up?

Sahyba: My brother Prince Saheb who is also a producer, introduced me to Ray J. Me and my mom made him dinner and after that I sung him a song and he was instantly captivated and signed me few weeks later! 🙂

Urban Asian: When writing music, where do you find your inspiration from?

Sahyba: Since I am still young and haven’t gone through many expiernced, I look at what other people have experienced and write about what they have gone through or are going through. And sometimes catchy lyrics come to my mind and I just write and keep on writing until the song is finished.

Urban Asian: You recently have been working with Rishi Rich, we linked you two up which we are so happy about! How has that experience been so far?

Sahyba: By the way thank You soooo much for that!! It was extremely nice of you to do that. Rishi Rich is just a genius. He is so focused and I was very comfortable working with him. We made a song called “stolen” which he produced and I wrote and it came out absolutely incredible!! 🙂

Urban Asian: Any future projects your fans and us should look out for?

Sahyba: I am currently working with producers and writers (can’t mention any names) and I gotta tell you that you will be blown away by what is being created in the studio! A new sound, a new perspective, new everything! 🙂

Urban Asian: What inspired you to become a singer?

Sahyba: I was never inspired I just always knew that being an entertainer is my calling. From a very young age I would always see myself doing big things. I have set goals and one day I will reach them!

Urban Asian: Any dreams of collaborating with any singers in the future?

Sahyba: :Oh gosh there are too many singers I would wanna collaborate with!! Miguel is one of my favorite singers so would love to do a song with him. Kanye West is one of my favorite rappers so if I can get a hook or a chorus on his song that would be an honor. 🙂


Urban Asian: How have your parents been with you becoming a singer? Are they supportive?

Sahyba: :I am so blessed to have the parents I have. They are the ones that saw the talent in me and pushed me. My parents let me better my craft and gave me the opportunity to take vocal lessons and dance lessons. No one supports me as much as my parents do I truly am grateful.

Urban Asian: You also play a few instruments, what other instruments are you wanting to learn how to play?

Sahyba: I really want to know how to play the violin!!!

Urban Asian: You did a cover for Justin Timberlake’s Mirror, why did you choose that particular song?

Sahyba:  The lyrics first of all. There is such a deep meaning in those lyrics that not many people understand. And of course the melody, I am all about melody and this song instantly caught my attention!

Urban Asian: You currently are in school at the moment, how do you find the time to balance between recording,traveling and going to school?

Sahyba: It’s very difficult. Sometimes I come home from school and immediately go to the studio and end around 2am. And when I’m traveling I try to get excused from the work lol but I am in my senior year so this year is very important, I don’t lack off or procrastinate I try to get all the work done.

Urban Asian: What does Sahyba like to do when she is not recording or writing?

Sahyba: Watching movies!! I love to just sit home, pop some popcorn and watch a movie on Netflix 🙂

Rapid Round

– Favorite Color

– Favorite Designer

Ritu beri


The mall
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-Favorite Holiday

– Favorite Cusine

Lean cuisine

Thanks for talking to Urban Asian! You can check out Sahyba more at twitter on @Sahybaforever and Stay tuned for more on Sahyba coming soon right here on Urban Asian!

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