Posted on October 1, 2013 at 12:46 am

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Ranveer Singh contracts a severe case of dengue!

The talented hot and amazing Ranveer Singh contracts a severe case of dengue.

Ranveer contracted an infection and high fever during the Durgapur shoot of “Gunday” but chose to continue to shoot as per the schedule inspite of the illness and discomfort, so as to not cause any inconvenience and loss to the production. On his return to Mumbai he was diagnosed with a severe case of dengue fever. He is presently admitted in a suburban hospital.

Hospital sources expressed their surprise at his having continued to work inspite of his severe condition, although it cannot be presently said how long it will be before he is back in action, he is in a very positive state of mind as usual.

Are thoughts and wishes are out there for Ranveer Singh to get better and strong. Can’t wait to see him in his awesome upcoming films.

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