Posted on August 5, 2013 at 2:21 am

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Game! Set! Match! Neha Uberoi wins Cryan Tennis Tournament 2013!

There is one sports player who we know for sure won’t be cryin’ tonight, and that’s former WTA professional tennis player, Neha Uberoi, who just won the women’s open singles as well as the women’s open doubles championships at the Cryan Tennis Tournament 2013 in New Jersey, USA! The tournament features both womens’ and mens’ play in singles as well as doubles formats. Since its founding in 1965, the tournament attracts high quality players. According to the Cryan website, “The entrants in the Men’s Open division typically include professional players from the satellite tour, collegiate players, and local teaching pros. The B division allows players with a USTA rating of 4.5 or below to participate. There are ten divisions, consisting of Open and B divisions for Men’s and Women’s singles and doubles as well as Mixed doubles. ”

Photo Credit: Cryan Tennis Tournament
Photo Credit: Cryan Tennis Tournament

So, as you can see, it was no small feat to have snagged the women’s singles title!  Neha beat out Gina Li, a sophomore at Rutgers, in a 2 set game, winning 7-5 and 6-2 for the women’s singles championship. Neha’s doubles partner was former WTA player, Vasilisa Bardina. The formidable team of Uberoi-Bardina went on to win the women’s doubles championship this year at Cryan within 2 sets, scoring 6-2 and 6-2.  A double win for Neha at Cryan!

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Neha shared that she entered the tournament “on a whim” after a friend messaged her on Facebook asking if she wanted to play.  It’s been a while since Neha has had a chance to really hit the courts as she has been busy with classes at Princeton University (from where she graduated earlier this year) and an even busier work-life!  Neha played professional tennis from 2003-2008, seeding 196 in singles and 110 in doubles!  Besides this tournament, Neha had played a mixed doubles match for the US Open Qualifier a few months back.

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Neha says,

“I haven’t played a competitive singles match in over 6 years. It was definitely fun playing out there, challenging myself and my body. Although I’m fit, my tennis match fitness was terrible and I am so sore from these matches! It was really nice to support the community I grew up in and to see so many South Asians rocking it on the tennis court. I love seeing that!”

Tennis has been something that has interested Neha since a young age and is a passion she shares with her sisters – Diya, Shikha, Nimita and Nikita.  Diya played tennis for college, and like Neha, Shikha (also a Princeton grad) is a former professional player with whom Neha has partnered with in doubles tennis and played with on the tour as a singles player.  Nimita and Nikita are varsity tennis players at Brown University.  The girls make a perfect set, wouldn’t you say?

Photo Credit: (L:R - Shikha and Neha)
Photo Credit: (L:R – Shikha and Neha)

Even though Neha has not competed in over 6 years, it is great to see that has retained the spirit of a champion!  As exemplified by her tennis play on the courts, Neha is a hard worker and has the drive and determination to succeed in all that she does!  I am sure that she will bring these same traits in the next chapter of her life.

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