Posted on July 18, 2013 at 12:52 am

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Interview with rising star, Indy 5 Billion

Urban Asian’s Hinesh Rana had an opportunity to catch up with rising star, Indy 5 Billion.  Read on below for the full details!

Some of the greatest known hip-hop artist today started from nothing and have proved themselves to be the best.  Some are just born talented while others learn to develop the craft.  Every day there are undiscovered or little known artist trying their best to break into the industry.  There is no need to look further because Indy 5 Billion has been in the game for quite some time, mastered the craft and is here to take the industry by storm.


Tell us about yourself, who is Indy5Billion?

Hailing from the United States, Indy5Billion was born and raised in Brooklyn. Indy5billion is an internationally known rapper and music producer, also known as indy5 or 5billion.  He is also an aspiring actor, model, and owns his own video production company – MMAP Films.

How and when did you first discover that music was your passion?

Music runs in my family.  My mother was the first teenager to ever sing Christian music on public radio in India.  She was 16.  Music was always played at home.  My elder siblings were experts on pop music, whilst my parents constantly played their classic Indian favorites.

How long have you been rapping for?

Quite sometime lol.

Who are your influences and who motivates you to continue doing what you are doing?

Strong willed people – Jesus Christ, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Dalai Lama to name a quick few…, and my motivation – Jay Z and my Dad.

How do you set yourself apart or make yourself unique in a competitive industry to become the next rising star?

Keep pushing forward.  Learn from failure, ask for help, believe you are the greatest, take 100% responsibility, know what you want, want it more, Thank God, and trust in the universe.

Are you currently working on any projects for the future?

Album – India Ink

Ep – King James Version

What is the road ahead for Indy 5 Billion?

Staying positive and productive while intending on staying consistent, staying humble, and continuing the learning process.

If there were one place in the world where you can perform, where would it be?


Any last thoughts for Urban Asian readers?

I’ll see you around campus!


Urban Rapid Round: These are a series of short rapid fire questions


            Movie: Usual Supects

            Actor: Robert De Niro

            Actress: Zeenat Aman

            Song: Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

            Food: Anything my wife cooks

            Book: The Power of Now

            Place to visit: Switzerland

So there you have it!  Urban Asian caught up with Indy5Billion and got to know him a little bit more. Be sure to listen to his other tracks and watch out for the new projects he will be releasing soon. You can check out his music here and videos on his YouTube channel.

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