Posted on July 2, 2013 at 5:12 pm

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Ali Zafar tells us about gangster roles and action movies!

Ali Zafar has it all, looks, charm, style and most importantly talent. The huge success of his recent romantic comedy “Chashme Badoor” has added to his growing fan base here and across the border. The multi-talented star is now back in Mumbai after the Cannes Film Festival in France, to work on his upcoming movie Aman ki Asha where he recently gave an exclusive interview.

When asked in the interview regarding Katrina’s promise to be in one of his song video’s here is what Ali said

“When a video song does come up, I will call up Katrina, We are good friends and are in touch as friends normally do”

Although he is not currently working with her on any project. Ali’s and Katrina’s chemistry was highly popular and was well received by the audience. As of right now though he stated to us” “I am being offered gangster roles and action movies now.”  Well that’s something super different then what he has been role playing in!

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As for his ongoing projects Ali is currently working on Aman Ki Asha and Kill Bill which is a Yah Raj Banner project.

“Most scripts that come to me have me play a romantic lover boy, that role particularly doesn’t excite me but Aman ki Asha isn’t a regular Rom Com there’s more to it, I am being offered gangster roles and action movies now” says Ali.

Ali is one of the most popular actor’s among the youth these days who is taking the screen by storm! The audience will see Ali in action in the movie Kill Bill and the ever versatile actor is considering role’s with deep layers and some underlying story to the character. Will Ali stick to gangster roles for good or will he stick to comic roles? Which roles do you enjoy him more in?

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