Posted on May 12, 2013 at 2:53 am

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Rangeelay is Worth a Watch!

It’s a Jimmy Sheirgill production. It stars Jimmy Sheirgill, Binnu Dhillon & Rana Ranbir as three madcap recovery agents. It marks the gorgeous Neha Dhupia’s Punjabi movie debut. It repeats the combination of Dheeraj Rattan and Navaniat Singh, who have churned out masterpieces every time they have worked together.

All of the above, by itself should be enough to make you want to watch the movie. Rangeelay is the story of a trio of recovery agents Sunny (Jimmy Sheirgill), Titli (Binnu Dhillon) and Shotgun (Rana Ranbir). They are involved in a variety of crazy, often hilarious situations while going about their job.

Rangeelay 1

Neha Dhupia, in her debut Punjabi role, plays a dare-to-dream, daring, sexy and arrogant girl called Simmi. The leader of the trio, Sunny falls and falls hard for this aura of Simmi. He uses what he knows best – recovery – as a way to get the girl of his dreams. But it isn’t that easy, with the appearance of a ‘twin’ called Vimmi, threatening to ruin the course of this love story.

The screenplay is mostly a delight, but it does fail at some points. The real winner of this movie is the dialogues! They pack a great punch, and Jaswinder Bhalla & Binnu Dhillon deliver these with effortless ease.

The music, by Jaidev Kumar, is alright, with some marvels like Headache, Yaara Tu and the fabulous Boliyaan. Boliyaan is the one track that has the potential to become a long term hit, one that people will play on repeat.

One can find no fault with the acting, especially that of Jimmy Sheirgill, who has returned to Punjabi cinema after almost 2 years. But the long break doesn’t affect the movie much, because with his various production ventures, Jimmy has carved quite the name for himself in Punjabi cinema. His performance is strong and powerful, totally believable. Neha Dhupia is also quite the revelation, one would never think that this is her first time acting in a Punjabi film. Binnu Dhillon, as usual, was absolutely fantastic, and added a whole other level to the dialogues, providing for a lot of laugh out loud moments.

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