Posted on May 10, 2013 at 5:15 pm

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Imran Khan's a "Satisfya"

The man with the “Unforgettable” album is back with a hot new track! Imran Khan just released his new track titled, “Satisfya!” Check out the music video!

Produced by the talented Eren E, the track has a fun dance beat and shows off the rapping skills of Imran Khan! He sings a lot more in English in this track than we’ve seen in any other previous song. Teamed with David Zennie, he’s created another video with his signature action-packed, Fast and Furious style, mini film. You can grab the track off of iTunes today!

satisfya imran khan

“Satisfya” is different from Imran Khan’s previous releases, what do you guys think of the new track? Has the pop sensation delivered? Let us know!

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