Posted on April 21, 2013 at 9:29 pm

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XS-BASS presents the Dharmik Collection – 'Parnaam Shaheedan Nu' feat. Foji Gill

Immortal memories is the latest offering by XS-BASS, something which forms the foundation of Harj D and his musical journey.  In 1984 Harj Dhanjal a child, was sent to India to learn music and his Sikh heritage at Nanaksar Gurdwara, Delhi. Whilst his stay during the months of the aftermath of the Golden Temple (Amritsar) he witnessed the uproar in the city when the assassination of Indira Gandhi, then the Prime Minister of India took place on 31st October.

This album is a journey of immortal memories for all the years of injustice for the Sikh families and those ‘defender of the faith’ that have been named martyrs in the history of our lifetime.
The single ‘Parnaam Shaheedan Nu’ is a humble salute to all the martyrs and defenders of the faith.

The song has been skillfully written by Rai Raj and sung by Foji Gill endorsing the charity Khalsa Aid. The project was bought together by TS Designs while in talks with Harj D of XS-BASS regarding the Immortal Memories album where a song was required to reflect the work of Khalsa Aid and TS Designs recent charity mission to Punjab.

The concept would be a charity song which would help raise awareness and money to support the shaheed families in suffering lost family members from 1984.  A connection was then made to find UK punjabi vocalist to lead the song, after talks with Foji who straight away decided the title and chorus the song was born. Khalsa Aid launched the Shaheed Parivaar Aid in January 2011 and today are financially supporting over 100 families and this number is rising every week. These are the mothers, fathers, wives and children of the shaheeds who have neglected from the late-90s onwards. Khalsa Aid is also re-building the houses for some of the worst cases of neglect.


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