Posted on April 10, 2013 at 1:46 am

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TaZzZ drops the Steel Bangelz Remix to "Jhoom!"

TaZzZ displayed his distinctive talent for fusing eastern sounds with western influences with “Jhoom” and now he brings to you the hotly anticipated “Steel Banglez Remix.” Check out the track!

Steel Banglez is a highly respected and a well renowned UK producer whose production credits include Wiley, Cashtastic, Krept and Konan, Yungen and many more. He has delivered his unique signature sound on this remix which is instantly recognizable. Trading the Bollywood sample of the original for a gritty soundscape drenched in elements of grime, Banglez creates the kind of beat rappers dream about.

JSBR - Art Work 1

Following the same line up with TaZzZ, Words Ali, Menis and Immi, this remix also brings in an additional rapper in the form of Raxstar! The song gives him the rare opportunity to showcase his braggadocios flow and by doing so he merges with the song so effortlessly; justifying the respect he has from the industry and the public alike. The track will be available to download on TaZzZ’s forthcoming Mixtape, which will be releasing very soon.

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