Posted on April 1, 2013 at 11:27 am

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Raj Bains' first official signing under Team PBN!

Stagnantly celebrating his 5th consecutive week at Number 1 with Go Crazy, PBN is gearing up to release Raj Bains’ first official signing under Team PBN!



Raj Bains is a 21 year old British born vocalist mentored by PBN. To mark the release of his forthcoming debut single, the youngster has been showcasing his raw vocal talent to some of the industry’s finest.

First up is world-renowned producer, Dr. Zeus.  Raj Bains gives his unique live take on the Doctor’s smash hit single ‘Sachiyan Suniyan’.  Not one to be lost for words, Dr. Zeus predicts Raj to have a “very bright future” ahead of him.  This is the first of several promos that showcases Raj Bains versatile vocal abilities to leading music artists.

To watch the exclusive promo, click on the following link:

So, who do you think’s next in the hot seat?

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