Posted on March 10, 2013 at 3:05 am

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Samar Khan’s “Waisi Waali Khushi”

Punit Malhotra and Masha Pour star in a large short film by Samar Khan titled Waisi Waali Khushi. Check out the trailer!

We spend most of our lives waiting for a moment; That moment when we’re not responsible for anyone or anything. That moment when the EMIs are paid and the awards are stacked on the wall. That moment when we could go back to the innocent happiness of childhood, lost somewhere. 


But what happens when a young, successful banker seizes one moment and decides to make it the one that changes his life? That moment is when his real journey begins… The journey towards his Waisi Waali Khushi.



Be sure to catch this flick and check back with Urban Asian for more updates!


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