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Rapid Fire rounds with Jay Dabhi!

From a very young age, Jay Dabhi was born to DJ and today he is now one of the biggest South Asian DJ’s to perform on a mainstream radio station in New York City. We sat down with Jay Dabhi to chat about his career, his likes, his work and much more! Check out our exclusive Rapid Fire Round with Jay Dabhi!


If you weren’t Deejaying, what would he be doing in place of this career?

Jay Dabhi: Tough one because music is all I know. I’m sure I would either be a Politician being a voice for the people who should be heard or Id be working in some form of Humanitarian work. I simply love people.

You have toured so many cities and countries, what has been on of your favorite place to perform at and why?

Jay Dabhi: Australia is definitely one of my favorites. They know how to party out there – thousands of people dancing with their hands up at all times. There are so many more countries and cities I want to visit that I haven’t experienced yet.

If you had to choose any artist that you would want to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

Jay Dabhi: Right now it would be Diplo. He’s so forward thinking and he always makes music that sounds nothing like whats currently out at the time.


What’s currently playing in your iPod?

Jay Dabhi: A whole lot of unfinished material that I haven’t named yet. When making songs, I tend to put it on repeat to get more ideas or to think of anything I want to change before finalizing it. Other than that,  I tune into Tiesto’s Podcast as well as mine (shameless plug 🙂

 If you had to tour one country in the world, where would it be and why?

Jay Dabhi: India! I haven’t played there yet and I know my style of big room Dance music mixed and mashed with some Bollywood surprises here and there would throw them for a loop!

Let’s speed it up with this Urban Fire Round – Ready, Set, Go!

Favorite  Actress: Madhuri Dixit. Loved her smile.

Favorite Singer – Desi

  • Male – Atif Aslam
  • Female – Lata Mangeshkar

Favorite Singer (American)

  • Male – Justin Timberlake
  • Female – Stevie Nicks

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere tropical in the Caribbean.

Favorite Cuisine – Indian of course!

Favorite Designer – Nike

Favorite Instrument – Turntables!

Dosa or Dhokla? – Dosa

Mexican or Chinese? – Mexican.. hello? Taco Bell is fine dining to a Desi!

Favorite Color – Blue

Favorite Perfume – Flowerbomb


We’d like to thank Jay Dabhi for taking the time to speak to us! Keep it locked on Urban Asian for more on Jay!

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