Posted on March 14, 2013 at 3:10 am

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Shweta Subram featured in Naiem Reza’s “Dancing Petals”

Dancing Petals’ by Naiem Reza features some of the most talented artists from around the world. The track starts with beautiful sargams by North America’s powerhouse Shweta Subram and A.R. Rahman’s recent discovery, Abhay Jodhpurkar. Following this, Abhay delivers an outstanding vocal performance before the track transitions over to the UK rap sensation, Raxstar, whose voice adds a nice rasp to the song. Shweta’s soothing vocals take ‘Dancing Petals’ to another level and the song concludes with sargams by Shweta and Abhay. Raashi Kulkarni has arranged beautiful melodies throughout using her piano.

19-year old Naiem composed the song based on a poem he wrote a year ago about the life of a flower contrasted by the value of love. See more details here.  Naiem says,

“As the flower blooms, the relationship of the two lovers bloom as well. The life of flower and its petals are analogous to the love in our life. The simple message is – never forget to love yourself.”

Regarding Shweta, Naiem tells us,

“I wanted Shweta on the track because she has the range that I was looking for. Her cultural influence and drive really led to a creative flare on the track.”

He also adds,

“Abhay and Shweta mutually appreciated each other’s vocal talent. Raxstar and Raashi Kulkarni’s talents magnified the overall composition to bring about the uniqueness that I wanted in the track.”

Shweta had a great time working on this track, telling us,

“The experience was similar to that of ‘Piya,’ where I was working with artists from all around the world through cyberspace. Naiem has a bright future ahead. Abhay is super talented – there’s a reason why A.R. Rahman selected him. Raxstar’s rap will have you engrossed. And Raashi is just a gem – her piano work is soulful.”

Dancing Petals’ is an online release, and has been receiving a tremendously positive response.  It is available as a free download (right-click and save to DL)!

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