Posted on March 27, 2013 at 10:37 pm

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Hema Malini is the new brand ambassador of Zaitoon Tara Oil

Tara Health Foods Ltd., a well known name in oil and animal feed market, launched first time in India its unique blended edible oil Zaitoon Tara in a press conference, held at Hotel Park. Hema Malini the official brand ambassador of Zaitoon Tara oil, unveiled the product in front of everyone!

Mema Malini speaking about Zaitoon tara at Launch (16th March 2013
Zaitoon Tara is a unique blend of oil is a mixture of refined olive oil 30 % and refined Rice bran oil 70 %, a healthier and tastier alternative to regular cooking oil. It has been found that gradually Indians are becoming health conscious. The blended edible oil, retain the good properties of both olive and rice bran oil. Rice bran oil is good for heart, whereas Olive oil increases the immunity. This unique blend has high smoke point i.e. 245 to 250 degrees Celsius and which help to reduce gastric problems.

Hema Malini,  Brand Amdassdor of Tara Health Food Ltd. said,

“This oil offers numerous properties that makes it more interesting in the niche marketing arena and we are delighted to become first to introduce a unique blend (Olive oil & Rice bran oil) in India. This oil also helps in preventing wrinkles, so that’s good news for everyone. I have used the product myself before sign this brand, so can vouch for its qualities and I’ll love to continue with this oil.”

Check out some more shots from the launch!

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