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Ravi Bal is pleased to introduce…..The Exclusive RBP Global Artists.

Headed by Ravi Bal (RBP – Ravi Bal Productions) the internationally renowned Music Producer / Director who has been behind the music & compositions of many global albums and tracks alongside some of the best Asian / Punjabi / Playback Singers in the world such as Kailash Kher, Malkit Singh, Alisha Chinai, A S Kang, Surjit Khan, Lakhwinder Wadlai, Preet Harpal, Harjit Harman, Sardool Sikander and more. RBP has also been responsible for some huge Bhangra anthems such as “Captain Bhangre Da” , “Maa” , “Jutti” , “Teriyan Adavaan” , “Sohniye Yaadan” , “Mitte Ganne” , “Addi Mardi” and an endless list of much more as well as introducing fresh new unknown and young talent into the Bhangra Arena.

They are now proud to introduce to the world the artists exclusively signed with and backed by RBP

“THE 6”


Parvinder Sandhar – Italy based Punjabi vocalist / songwriter who is set to release his debut singles and album very shortly world wide. A very unique voice and talent! A project that has been in prep and complete for quite a while and now all due for release this summer! Parvinder’s album is full of gems and RBP is very excited to showcase his talents and material real soon! Dynamite! aka The Ranjha!

Avtar Maniac – The Maniac who needs no introduction! A power house Punjabi Folk voice from UK who has a long running history in the UK bhangra scene. Avtar recently released the pounding “Haneri” EP featuring the track “Dhann Kaur” with Ravi Bal. The follow up project “AMBUSH” is at video stages! A surprise element in store for all! aka The Maniac!

Farooq Ilyas – A UK born and Birmingham based young vocalist / musician and songwriter who has been working closely with RBP over the last year on his debut EP. A great soulful and crisp voice with a variety of multilingual vocal skills spread across many genres. The smooth operator in the RBP camp! & head of the Car Pool! aka Faz!

Simranjit Simmi –  India (Chandighar) based vocalist who signed to RBP early this year. A voice to watch out for! The full album is almost complete.  The best thing to say about this project is… “We will let it speak for itself…” No hype required! A voice even the FBI would have difficulty in holding back. aka The Awaazinator!

Tej Hundal – Switzerland based Punjabi vocalist who recently released his debut album “Punjabian Da Raaj” a 8 track album with music from Ravi Bal. Another unique and fantastic vocal talent. Tej is due to release his follow up single in the next 2 months. “Deewana” taken from his 2nd Album. aka The Swiss Blade!

Sukhy Dhillon – The latest signing to RBP and the youngest from the camp. Sukhy is Uk born and based in UK Birmingham and just doors away from Ravi Bal studios. Local talent from Ravi Bal’s hometown! The first single titled “DIL” is due for release this summer…. if we can keep him off the football pitch that is!… his other super talent!  A young energetic and ready to go Bhangra star in the making! aka Dhillon Saab!

Standby for individual projects releasing from all the above acts this 2013 including a special Ravi Bal musical production featuring all 6 artists on the same track……..along with various performances by all around the globe.

Support Real Talent!……Real Vocals! …….Real Musicians…… & Real Music…

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