Posted on March 19, 2013 at 11:09 pm

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Actors came to play a dry and safe Holi with save water awareness at Kamal Air compound

Humsafar actress Payal Rohatgi, wrestler Sangram Singh and their friends Manisha Kelkar, Chandi Perera Miss Sri lanka and Ekta Jain came with a idea to save water as entire Maharashtra is facing water crisis. If someone plays proper Holi then they waste 200 liters of water,so they wanted to appeal to the people that please play dry and safe Holi and save water for future. Check out some of the photos from the Holi event! 

They came to Kamal air compound and played dry Holi with gulal and water sprinklers.The stars used gulal made of chandan, rose and other flowers. They all celebrated Holi a day early so that they could show their fans how much fun it is as well as spread the word about saving water so people choose the same option when they celebrate this joyous holiday with their friends and family! Have a safe Holi! 

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