Posted on February 5, 2013 at 12:25 am

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Bhupinder and Mitali Singh replaced Ghulam Ali for Ek Ehsaas

Considering the current situation at the border, Panache Media has decided to replace Legendary singer Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan from their upcoming concert “Ek Ehsaas – A Legendary Tribute,” which is a tribute to the late Jagjit Singh. Legendary Couple Bhupinder and Mitali Singh have been roped in for the noble cause.


The concert is scheduled to be held on 8th Feb,2013 at Shanmukhanada Hall, on  the late Jagjit Singh’s 72nd Birthday, for charity. Organizer Randhir Ranjan Roy said,

” Music has always tried to bridge the gap between the nations and Khan saheb and lt. Jagjit singh have always been instrumental in the same performing in both the nations. But due to the current situation has been created by other side of the border, music should rest for some time. Khan saheb is one of the renowned artist and hence considering the security, we postponed his live performance for near future. We are happy to rope in Bhupinder and Mitali jee for the tribute as they are one of the legends from the same era of Jagjit singh jee. We are in talks with legendary  lyrics and script writer Ghulzar sir to grace the occasion with his poetry.”

Be sure to catch this concert if you’re in the area!

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