Posted on November 14, 2012 at 12:49 am

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STYLIST: A Cup of Hot Chocolate and All Black Everything

The cold, gray winter days have arrived! With so many different types of accessories, boots, coats and blazers to choose from, winter is by far my favorite season to dress for. Because of the abundance of options available, it may be difficult to establish the kind of look you are going for. No worries.. UrbanAsian Stylist has compiled a collection of international street styles to assist you with your winter shopping! And always remember: in the wintertime,  when in doubt- wear all black.

Sometimes, the more simple- the more bold.

Throw a blazer on for a classier look.

Just because summer is gone doesn’t mean we can’t wear out hi-low or maxi skirts, ladies!

A pop of color and some fur.. perfection.

You can make use of your maxi dresses in the winter simply by putting an oversized sweater over them!

Black is always in.

Can you say hot?


Animal prints have been becoming more of a staple.

Where to find these fabulous looks?




United Kingdom


United Kingdom

(Street Style Photos via Tumblr)

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