Posted on November 14, 2012 at 12:59 am

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Brit-Asian Woman Goes Global With ‘LUV’

Luv Asia Radio was founded by renowned radio presenter Missy D.  A  24-hour live stream was officially launched on August 1st 2012. Initially starting on Spreaker as an experiment in November 2011, radio buff Missy D quickly discovered she had a huge fan base and was fetching a popular worldwide interest, so she took the brave step and quit her daytime job to set up full time. Today Missy D has a fast-growing Luv Asia team behind her, who range from entrepreneurs to those with long standing media careers, who all believe in one thing – taking over the world with LUV! Natasha Khan formerly known as Rabia Khan (Sunrise, Kismet, Punjab & Hum Tum Houston) is the latest addition to the team.

Luv Asia’s central aim is to ‘Connect Desi’s Globally’. It’s barely been a few months and it’s already created quite a mark. The team have mailed and hand-posted ‘Luv Asia Radio’ quality T-shirts from fans in the UK and overseas including West Indies, Canada, India, Australia and the USA upon request. They are currently in the process of donating 100 T-shirts to under-privileged children who attend Anand Nagar Municipal School in East Dahisar, Mumbai. Missy D who is also a trained primary school teacher plans to visit Mumbai in November to meet and educate the children and is also donating a projector and laptop that aims to play a vital part in their study and their goal is to create an on-going relationship with them.

Few words from Miss D,

“To date we have gained a listenership of 33,000 globally, but we do not see this as our true listenership, we have access to analytics to one or two platforms, yet we can be heard on several platforms which has created a wider global listenership. So as they say what is a number? I know people listen right across the globe with USA, India, Canada, Australia, Pakistan being our biggest listeners outside of the UK.”

Luv Asia soon plans to launch a show called ‘Luv 2 Talk’, which is a platform for all those people who just want to voice their opinions about their life and experiences. As Luv Asia aims to connect all Desis, there is even a chance for the older generation to get interactive with the Kitty show, where a load of ‘modern mothers’ will get the chance to speak openly and candidly.

Luv Asia also has a fitness show called Luv Workout with fitness Guru Eileen McCotter. As well as being Missy D’s very own personal trainer, Eileen has set Missy the challenge to walk a mountain! So, together Missy D and Eileen will now invite fans and listeners to ‘Walk Mountains For Luv’.

“We will start walking 5 miles that will then increase to 10 miles and then eventually the Luv Team will be walking Snowdonia mountain next June for the Charity CRY. Everyone is invited to join; we even have a team training in London. Every year we will pick a charity and a challenge and do it for LUV!”

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