Posted on November 15, 2012 at 3:41 am

Music What's Happenin'

Dalvinder Singh celebrates Bollywood debut!

Bhangra hitmaker Dalvinder Singh has made his foray into Bollywood music with his renowned single “Nachde Punjabi“.

Produced by Tarli Digital and presented by Movie Box, the track will be featured in the trailer for the upcoming film “Ajab Gazaab Love“.  The film is currently being shown in theaters across the world, showcasing the track for millions of viewers. The track was originally featured Tarli Digital’s album “The Dub Conspiracy”. The track was originally only licesnsed for the trailer however it was also used for the film’s soundtrack much to Dalvinder’s surprise.

He states “the discussion was really only for the trailer but a week after we confirmed it to feature on the trailer, the production company came back and asked to have “Nachde Punjabi” on the soundtrack for the film as well!”. Singh is very appreciative of this opportunity and for the support of both the Bhangra and Bollywood industries and his fans.

Stay tuned to Urban Asian to catch the latest news on Dalvinder‘s newest music and be sure to download “Nachde Punjabi“form iTunes!


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