Posted on November 7, 2012 at 1:25 am

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Canine Love and Stress

Humans cope with a stressful lifestyle by taking part in various activities like running, yoga, meditation, traveling ,and much more. Research suggests that having a 4-legged being around you alleviates stress, reduces depression, and helps you maintain a long healthy life. Dogs are great companions!  They shower you with unconditional love and help mankind in many ways!

The Benefits:

  1. They keep you active and improve your cardiovascular health. One has to take the dogs for walks/ jogs.
  2. Taking them out for walks helps you increase oxygen level and helps you meet new people; socialize, allows you to spend more time with nature.
  3. Small dogs like the one I have (Cheweenie, who is a Daschund and chihuahuah mix) are extremely dependent and do satisfy the maternal urges for women and boosts their confidence.
  4. Those loving eyes can’t keep you angry or upset for long, hence reduce high blood pressure and depression.
  5. Dogs pick up on energy /moods. Happy dog – happy owner and vice versa.
  6. They teach you patience, unconditional love and compassion.

All they need is love,  food and a sweet home. Adopt one today.


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