Posted on October 17, 2012 at 1:19 am

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Stick to Garlic

Allium Sativum also known as Garlic is a bulb crop, which belongs to the Alliaceae family – onion, leeks, shallots, and chives.  Garlic has been known for years for its amazing medicinal properties and culinary usage.


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Allicin, an active component in Garlic, is a sulfur compound is known to be a powerful antibiotic
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • It helps platelet aggregation; reduces blood coagulation
  • Increases bile production, which in turn reduces the level of fat in liver
  • Contains powerful compounds; Diallyl sulphide, allin, ajoene to fight cancer cells.
  • Good source of selenium, manganese, Vitamin C, which helps to maintain a healthy immune system
  • It is a great cure for cold, coughs, sore throats, herpes, weight control and cures asthma


  • The mouth odor after chewing some Garlic can be a bit too much to handle. Lemon juice combined with the consumption of Garlic can reduce it.
  • Garlic is absorbed by the body quickly and can also be released through the skin.
    • Good part- such a sweat can keep the mosquitoes away.
  • Excess amount can cause indigestion and heart burn


  • Take a few pieces of garlic and mix it with lime juice and spices and use it as a dressing.
  • Extract Garlic juice and mix it with almond oil and apply it on your face to reduce acne or use it as a cleanser.
  • Soaking your feet in warm water with a few Garlic pieces cures athletes foot.
  • Garlic pieces cut and wrapped with a tampon applicator is known to cure yeast infections.
  • Consuming Garlic juice or chewing on a few pieces of Garlic can kill parasites in the digestive tract.
  • The smell may not turn you on, but it is known to increase blood circulation and act as a great aphrodisiac for men.

Stick to Garlic and avoid being sick.



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