Posted on October 17, 2012 at 6:06 am

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Sham Idrees – Sanwoli Saloni Si Mehboba ( English Remix )

Most people get gifts on their birthday, but superstar Sham Idrees switched things up and gave a gift to all his fans for his birthday (Oct 16).  First, he completely surprised his fans by creating a cell phone # they could call him on to say Happy Birthday.  Then, he also surprised fans by releasing a new video – “Sanwoli Saloni Si Mehbooba (English remix)“.

Another surprise for fans is that this is the first vid where Sham shaved off his trademark beard – something fans never thought he’d shave off!  If you think that was the last surprise, you’re wrong because a familiar face (to Sham fans at least) makes a surprise appearance at the end of the video.

More importantly than all the surprises, the track has such a catchy beat, and like some other Sham numbers, is also about the joys of love!  Check out the video below and dance away!  Keep it locked to UrbanAsian for all things Sham Idrees, and happy birthday from all of us here at UA!

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