Posted on October 17, 2012 at 12:28 am

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Swaati to Debut Astray!

Talented singer songwriter, Swaati, releases début song Astray! The track is written and performed by Swaati and is produced by Sillkey.

Astray is an emotionally moving song, under the genre of soulful Indie/pop. Lyrical and emotive, the song reflects feelings of displacement and loss, and ultimately, hope and faith. The music and vocal dynamics demonstrate emotions of frustration and resolution. The song is about how you feel lost when you lose your sense of inner spirit and explore the journey back to completion.

Swaati is a singer song-writing talent whose ephemeral melodies and strong performance reveals a strong sense of vulnerability and authenticity. She has attracted writing, performance and production collaborations from some of the scenes finest and emerging talent.

Swaati’s musical style is Inspired by artists and bands such as Sia, Angus, Julia Stone and Alanis Morisette. She pursues her music in both English pop and indie genres, as well as bringing her own unique perspective to Northern Indian classical folk music sung in her native Gujarati. Swaati studied intensively in the Indian classical folk genre with world-renowned teacher Tulika Ghosh. Swaati recently also graduated with a 2.1 for her BA Honours in Music.

Swaati releases Astray as a precursor to the work she is doing with various producers (including D-Boy) for her forthcoming releases in 2013. Keep it locked on Urban Asian for more news on this rising star!

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