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Rishi Rich: The man who started it all!

Urban Asian has been profiling amazing South Asian talent in our “Urban Asian Profile” series and this time we sat down with someone very special! The Urban Asian Profile series will feature a pioneer in the British urban asian music scene, the very talented music producer Rishi Rich!  Lucky for us Rishi Rich had some time to chat with our Los Angelos team and fill us in on some exclusives!

Rishi Rich has launched and worked with some of the biggest known artists in the music industry from Jay Sean and Juggy D to Britney Spears! The music producer, who was born in Croydon, England, began his career in the Asian Underground and later became an international producer for his Bhangra tracks and his Hindi remixes. Today he is known worldwide for his work in not only the Asian music scene but internationally. In this profile he tells us about his journey in the United States, his new management in India, music he’s working on and much more! Find out all about it in this week’s “Urban Asian Profile!”



Recently, when Rishi Rich came over to the USA and Urban Asian sat down with him, our team  linked him up with an artist that we have been closely working with named Sahyba. Sahyba is an Indian singer who is a Los Angeles native has just signed her first record deal with Ray J’s Knockout Entertainment in April, released her first single “Marco Polo” and now will be working alongside with producer Rishi Rich! Rishi tells us how he is in the process of making some amazing tunes with her and the singer’s brother Prince.


L-R ( Prince Saheb Singh, Rishi Rich, Sahyba)

Rishi Rich also was just recently signed to a Indian company called “Carving Dreams” and now is being managed by Kiran Sharma who also manages the singer Prince. Rishi Rich is the first Indian producer to be signed internationally to the company who also manages Bipasha Basu and Hrithik RoshanKiran Sharma stated this about her new client Rishi Rich says:

Rishi Rich has been a pioneer in bridging the gap between Asian and mainstream music and KIKIT Entertainment is excited to be working with such a talented, influential star in the music industry.”

Rishi Rich said of his appointment at KIKIT Entertainment:

I am fortunate enough to be producing music for some of the biggest names in the industry, so it was an obvious choice to have Kiran Sharma, who has managed some incredible artistes, represent me. I’m looking forward to this next step.”

Rish Rich also has a new album coming out this December and has worked with artist like Hunterz, T-Minder, Intenso, H-Dhami, Juggy D, and also has just signed  rapper Stax and now Sahyba!

Dr Manrina Rhode and Rishi Rich
Dr Manrina Rhode and Rishi Rich

Rishi Rich recently who just celebrated his one year anniversary with wife, Dr. Manrina Rhode also visited us in LA and we wish them an amazing one year anniversary!!! How cute are they!

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