Posted on October 14, 2012 at 7:57 pm

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God's Army Project "Justice Strikes"

Baltimore’s Best rapper, Sullee J has always shown his commitment to charity and to spread the word about peace. He’s now started a charity to help further his philanthropic ways.  Check out the details below:

The sad reality is that many people, especially children are without healthy living conditions. These are tough issues that society seems to ignore. At times, we might not feel like we have much, but we have enough to get by. Everybody needs help, especially the helpless! Please read below, because we all have the ability to make a difference!

Our goal for the entire project is to raise more donations than before to help others in a crisis! But the very minimum raised to provide for the two projects will help a great deal! If we could even raise $500, we would have the funds to purchase 90% of the items on the list below and donate them to the shelter, Saint Christopher Children’s Home. The idea behind Saint Christopher Children’s Home is to assist in the provision of a building to house neglected children. These children are mainly abuse victims, neglected or abandoned children, orphans, or those placed there by court order.

The last project we worked on we raised over $1000 in just one month. We hope to raise maybe twice as much this time. We want to evenly distribute the final amount we raise amongst two different projects. Our mission is to donate 50% of all funds collected to Saint Christopher Children’s Home in Saint Kitts and the other 50% will be sent through one of the most trusted Humanitarian Aids to Provide Emergency Relief to Syrians who have taken refuge in Jordan and Lebanon.

For Syria, donors can help give the gift of clean, accessible water to those in need, toilets, and food distribution points, safe spaces for children, emergency schools, and health facilities to help fund urgent medical treatments and vital surgeries that can save lives. Over 30,000 Syrians refugees have fled to Jordan, and more are arriving by the day. Already, close to 100,000 Syrians are registered as refugees in neighboring countries, and around half are children and young people. We need your help now to bring more vital aid to the victims of conflict and crisis in the region.

As for the shelter, below is a complied list of items, Saint Christopher Children’s Home is in dire need of. These are the items we will be raising money for.

1. Paracetamol (Acetaminophen)
2. Ibuprofen
3. Hydrocortisone cream/ointment
4. Antiseptic wash and ointment
5. Histal DC and DM
6. Cod liver oil
7. Vitamin C
8. Menthol rub
9. Hydrogen peroxide
10. Rubbing alcohol
11. Multivitamin syrup
12. Tonic
13. Baby Powder
14. Latex gloves
15. St. John’s Wart
16. Wash basin (laundry room)
17. Two full size beds – mattress and box spring
18. Full size bed sheets
19. One small air conditioning unit
20. One large full length mirror (unbreakable)
21. Twelve plastic patio chairs
22. Four smoke detectors
23. Two heavy duty pots and pans (with covers) – different sizes
24. One Rubbermaid clear plastic box – 56L
25. Shutters – girls’ bedroom
26. Shutters – boys’ bedroom
27. Windows – annex (front room)
28. Four brooms
29. Four mop heads
30. Five hair brushes
31. Toiletries – soap, toothpaste, underarm deodorant, mouthwash, toilet paper and paper towels
32. Hair accessories – bobbles, ribbons and beads
33. Replace roof
34. Replace side door close to the kitchen entrance
35. Re-upholster or replace furniture in the front room and library
36. Re-tile the House Parents’ room
37. Build or provide material for top cupboards in the kitchen
38. Material to re-build furniture in the boys’ and girls’ bedroom
39. Various non-perishable food items (specific items available upon request e.g. canned mixed vegetables, tinned orange juice, kool-aid (in the jar), etc.)
40. Cleaning products – Pine Sol, Disiclin, Clorox bleach and dishwashing liquid
41. Curtains (12 panels)
42. Black and white composition school books
43. Large table cloths
44. Foot mats
45. Paint (various colours)
46. Pillows/Towels
47. Canned Food

All donations are very much appreciated. Only together, we can ease their hardships. Share the information with your friends and family. After all, Sharing is caring and every second counts when we are driving support those in need.


If you would like to donate through a different form of payment, (check, cash, money order) please

E-MAIL: and we will get back to you on details!

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